Brittany Gale Ford

I support Feed My Sheep because of the heart of my Grandmother to serve the poor. Recently I collected shoes that were too small or no longer my style and found such satisfaction in knowing that these shoes will serve those who need them instead of sitting in our closet. Thank You Gonnie!!!

Albert Brown.jpg

Albert V. Brown

Who knew that old shoes that I didn't know what to do with, since throwing away shoes is not ecologically friendly, would be loved by those who need shoes to survive? FMSO's gently-worn shoe collection is ingenious. Thank You!!!

Julie Harmon and the Team.jpg

Julia Harmon-Chavez

I know the CEO of Feed My Sheep Outreach and for too many years to count, she has served the poor. I support this Agency fully with my funds, Prayers, and other contributions. This is a company that I expect to grow and flourish as it helps thousands of poor people across the globe. Yes We Can!