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PROJECT 1: Click Here for our Charitable Gently Used Shoe Drive

Our first annual shoe drive will be co-hosted by a Church that practices hospitality in a very special way. This shoe drive will furnish quality shoes for poor people in rugged terrain countries where shoes are much more than a luxury; they are an absolute necessity. However, connected with meeting the tremendous needs of providing shoes these shoes will empower underserved people to become entrepreneurs who receive the shoes to build shops and stores. Please email or call us to learn more about this valuable service...

Supporting us has never been easier, and any contribution will be appreciated. Click this box for a breakdown of our campaign goals. If you can’t find a goal that aligns with your interests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PROJECT 3: Feeding Hungry People

We work directly with the LA Church of Christ, the West Los Angeles sector to serve the Skid Row homeless and destitute. We serve them hot food and give them spiritual support. The results are many people into the thousands who look forward to our visits and are restored to believing that someone cares.

PROJECT 4: Teaching our Young


We work directly with school psychologists, mentors, therapists, and teachers who provide counseling for children from low income communities. We help these professional locate and identify the children who need help. We connect mentors and other volunteers to these children and those committed to helping.

PROJECT 5: Career Planning

We work directly with the military, law enforcement, and local merchants to bring them to the young at-risk student to enable him or her to go after new careers, enroll in community or four year universities. Many of these students don't have a clue on how to go after making plans for their futures. We help them get a handle on this process.

PROJECT 6: Helping Any Way We Can

IWe take on any project that will bring light and healing to the elderly, to the sick, to youth who are misdirected and to veterans who have put their lives on the line to protect our country. We find that being there for people who need us brings quality and substinance to our own lives.

PROJECT 2: Helping Our Elderly

We work directly with the staff and residents of Safran and Associates at the Montecito Apartments which houses  residents 55 and over. We host parties, we entertain the residents, and we prepare incredible foods for them. The results are amazing as we watch the atmosphere of the community change joyfully to that of joy and warmth. The residents now give more to one another.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to make a difference. Join us to raise funds, spread awareness and contribute to a truly important cause. The elderly will always need the youth. support us to support our legacy makers....

Our idea is not just to serve food to the hungry but to serve our neighbors as we serve ourselves with upgraded fabulous foods with impeccable service; food that we crave also. Click here to learn more about out latest project...

Albert V. Brown; Vice President