We Run to Help!!!


With your donated shoes we help people in need like this:

  • Make entrepreneurs out of underserved people

  • Distribute critically needed quality shoes to feet that need them.

  • Serve underserved children with opportunities to do things they didn't know possible.

  • provide food for the Homeless.

  • Provide Resources for people in need.

  • Fight for change for displaced people, such as toilets/hygienic tools for body maintenance...

Tuning Underserved People into Entreprenuers

Picture of Me and Youthbuild.jpg

Taking Students to Museums

Turning Underserved Women into Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Highschool students to serve

Bringing the Police & Military to the Underserved Child

Distribution Network to get the shoes to the poor

Your Shoes are Groomed

Your Shoes Empower

We Collaborate

We Help Children