This pushes many people to choose to be all about me, myself, and I and to care nothing about the plight of suffering people. Well I now know that this is just a defense mechanism and that people want to care again, they just need to be reminded that humanity is worth stepping up to speak out for justice for all. This is why I work so hard to bring the people out there in the fight to the microphones on The Scales of Justice. This radio show is returning to the airwaves this year in 2021 to bring activists, artists, entertainers, and the media directly to your tv screens, computers, and radios to hear the best news of the new millennium. Come one come all; let's change our world for the better together. World Love; that's what we need...

Feed My Sheep Outreach has been around for 20 years serving and catering to the less fortunate and the displaced. We didn't ask for support before but for the sake of the many, we must reach out to the few to help. Thank You,

Aasia Stormm


My name is Aasia Gale Stormm; I am the mother of 3 beautiful children and a business woman, studying to earn my Doctorate in Psychology. My life was catapulted to a place of horror when my 7 year old son, Nathaniel R.B. Butts, was brutally murdered in a home invasion 35 years ago that still haunts me. I wasn’t able to go on, but for the sake of two young daughters I went on. Now after years of feeling as if no one cared, I’ve found the hidden level of existence where thousands of people are working feverishly to stop our children from being murdered, or from being robbed of their futures. I call this movement invisible because I didn’t know it existed and I was searching for it. I have found that millions of people are on that boat with me, they don’t know these fighters either, so they like I did, only see the vileness of a broken economy, children being murdered, and blatant oppression