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Our Shoe Drive Has Officially Ended. We are no longer collecting shoes. Thank you for your donated shoes


Why Do We Help?

We believe that true altruism exists as a motivational state with the goal of increasing another person's welfare. We theorize that such selflessness is based on the empathy people feel for others. In a classic study, for example,  participants were asked to watch as a confederate received fake "shocks" for failing a memory test. He found that when he asked people to imagine that person's pain, those who said that they felt compassion for the person also said they'd be willing to take several shocks on the person's behalf, even though they were allowed to leave the experiment at any time. We help because we feel the pain of others.

Who We Are

FMSO is founded on the belief that we must embrace the principles that make America great. Principles that include working hard, living within our means, and creating our own wealth. Placing value on faith, family, and above all, the belief that people must help each other. No human should live in poverty when so many other humans are rich.


Can any organization live up to these ideals? This one can. And we have created a business model that refuses to compromise.


Feeding Hungry People
If one men is hungry then every man should feel the pain of that hunger and thus want to do something to alleviate the pain. We at FMSO feel that pain and are working tirelessly to alleviate the hunger pain of every person we encounter who 
is experiencing such pain. We feed the hungry so we ourselves will feel their relief.


We Americans have entered a New Era. The Future Has Arrived!

If we do not stop ignoring the fact that the largest percentage of our youth are falling through the cracks into slavery, drugs, crime, poverty, and/or homelessness, we will lose them. If we lose these young adults, we will lose our futures. Children are our future. If we lose them to their own devices, we lose ourselves as well. Help us by donating to enable FMSO to go after these children to inspire them to go to school, pursue careers, and in a host of ways contribute to their communities. You must be the one to help. If you won't, who will?

Thank you for your gently-worn shoes...they helped FMSO, through Funds2Orgs, lift 3 people out of poverty... 
"FMSO received $10 for every bag of 25 pairs of shoes" 


100 BAGS

"Our goal of 100 bags of shoes made it all the way to 38 bags. S super effort for a first time in the midst of COVID 19. Join us for the next Charity Gently-worn Shoe Drive."
Thank You for your Support!!!